Touching up roots (cap highlights)

Background: I've been dying my hair dark auburn for 6 years. I am naturally dirty blonde with a little strawberry thrown in there.
3 months ago, I had the color stripped to a medium orange with sulfer (sp? It smelled horrible). A month following that, I had the orange dyed closer to my natural color and had vanilla highlights put in.
I want to keep this look. However, my hair grows extremely fast. Sometimes over an inch per month.
The highlights were done via a cap because "there was alot of history to my hair." It worked well, and I liked the results. I had this done twice to add more blonde. The second time, some strands melted and the ends are very dry. Quite simply, I do not want to touch the white strands with any more bleach!
How can roots be touched up if the original highlights were with a cap? Is it possible to touch them up without rebleaching the entire strand? What options do I have for upkeep?

It is possible if it is done by hand - either with foil weaving or with a cap. Each strand has to be picked up and bleach applied to the roots only. - Very tedious but it works. I also suggest that the blond ends be protected with protein before the bleach is applied.

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