Hair comes out when it's wet

I've been having this problem for awhile now. My hair is extremely weak when it's wet. It has hardly no elasticity. The current hairdresser that I have now said it's because my hair is chemically over processed. I've been getting relaxers for almost 10yrs now.

What I really want to do is just to cut all of my hair off and start new. But i'm afraid to do that. So, my hairdresser and I decided to just cut it really short and continue to cut it every time it grows so all of the damaged hair can be gone.

Has anybody else ever had a problem like this where your hair is extremely weak when it's wet. Literally chunks of your hair falls out in the sink because of this? It would be nice to hear someone elses story.

A couple of things... we lose about 75 to 100 pieces a day and that is normal, when your hair is longer it looks like more in the drain... Also, you should be using a reconstructing product to repair your hair after so much chemical strain... get something with protein in it... Nioxin has saved my life, I have been using it for 3 years not, it helps your hair to stay strong and helps keep the hair you already have... it is expensive and it takes a commitment, but I think it is completely worth it... You need to use all the products though. The shampoo gets your scalp ready for the conditioner (scalp therapy) and the leave in spray create micro-circulation helping your body feed the hair folicles. Watch out for the spray though, the first time I used it I freaked out! it made my mead red for about 15 min, I called the 800 number and found out that it was the micro-circulation and that it was normal... It really helped my body grow some hair back, I can highlight it now and it is longer than it's been in years...

Also, I learned this: When your hair is wet it really is in it's weakest state. Think about pasta, when it is dry it is harder to break, but when it is cooked and wet it breaks easily, the same is true with hair - shampooing with cooler water is another way to keep your hair on your head... good luck
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