Anyone have little pimple like bumps along incision?

I had my revision three weeks ago and after taking the steri strips off I noticed three bumps that look like pimples along the incision line..I asked an online doctor about them and he thinks they may be the dissolvable stitches under the /mmh/product/beauty/index.vm?procid=13" target=_blank>skin..Do or did anyone of you have these and what did you do for it? Dr. Garcia, the online dr, said to use warm compresses to help make them dissolve..I would like to know other people had these so I don't worry anymore about them..Thanks..Jo

Hi Jo,
I think I'm still so soon post op, it's hard to comment too much, but I do have a couple of small bumps ... Additionally, I have also noticed several whiteheads that crop up in new places as time goes on (however, these are not necessarily on the incision line, they are easily wiped away).
As far as the explanation on dissolvable stitches, I wouldn't be a bit surprised ... When I had my sutures removed, the nurse was saying it was a bit hard sometimes for her to find every single one (? ?) . Sure enough, while I was there for an extended period, excitedly (NOT!) waiting for my "shiny new drain!", I found another fairly big/long piece of suture still in tact.
Keep us posted, okay?

JustJo...sometimes while healing, milial cysts, or miliae, may form on the skin...and sometimes on the incision line. I had several after my u/l /mmh/product/eyelidsurgery/index.vm?procid=6" target=_blank>bleph surgery, and the PS simply removed them with a needle. We can't remove them, but it is simple for them to do.
This may be the white bumps.......or maybe something else.

Thanks Kaye and Robynne...I know it's not milia because I get them..These I'm sure are from the dissovable stitches under the skin..the look like little wart growths on top of the skin..The incision is nice and tight and I'm afraid to go in and have her look at them now because if she pokes it I could wind up with a separated incision like my other ear..So, I'm waiting for them to be sealed shut and then I'll go in and have her look at them...I'm hoping that in a few days I'll be able to massage them and they'll disappear on their own..Jo
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