What can you do to make your skin peel faster?

Im about to do a home 12.5 TCA /mmh/product/chemicalpeel/index.vm?procid=4" target=_blank>peel at 2 l/mmh/product/beauty/ayer/index.vm?procid=13&catid=642" target=_blank>ayers on my normal /mmh/product/beauty/index.vm?procid=13" target=_blank>skin and 3 layers on my problematic areas. What can i do to make my skin peel faster. I dont wanna stay home for too long. I heard about warm compresses on the skin. What's that? What else can i do?

A 12.5 is strong, at Walmart they have a at home microderm for like $20, you can sometimes do that first then the peel, I don't recommend a 12.5 after a microderm. Maybe you should see a professional for a good peel first and then go from there. I do peels and microderms at my /directory/index.php" target=_blank>doctor's office and everyones /mmh/product/beauty/index.vm?procid=13" target=_blank>skin is different. Champ2

I bought the at home microderm already, which didnt really do much for me. I have also done a professional peel at a /directory/index.php" target=_blank>doctors office before and it improved my /mmh/product/beauty/index.vm?procid=13" target=_blank>skin but didnt really remove all my dark spots. I dont have hundreds of dollars to spend at a doctors office so i bought a home 12.5 /mmh/product/chemicalpeel/home_peels/tca/index.vm?procid=4&catid=1045&subcatid=1047" target=_blank>TCA peel which is waaay cheaper.

Hi Liz-
You can use warm water compresses several times a day to help the skin to slough after a /mmh/product/chemicalpeel/home_peels/tca/index.vm?procid=4&catid=1045&subcatid=1047" target=_blank>tca /mmh/product/chemicalpeel/index.vm?procid=4" target=_blank>peel.
Just take a clean wash cloth and rinse in warm water- hold to the face (don't rub) and when it cools repeat. Do this for about 5-10 minutes.
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