Dr. Orlando Figueroa Cerpa in TJ, Mexico

Hey everyone does anyone know this www.sdro.com

Dear Gingergirl1,
The reason that this Dr. Figueroa has the same "before and after" photos
that you have seen on other PS web sites is because they are probably not his work.
Many U.S. PS also adhere to this practice especially when they are just beginning to offer a particular procedure and do not have any "samples" of their own to offer
if patients have not given consent
did not return for "follow up" visits after all swelling and bruising subsided
and "after" photos could be taken
if their own work is simply "not satisfactory."
Though it is not illegal to use this "stock footage", it is (in my opinion) at the very least unethical..... specifically meant to "lure" potential clients by giving them the impression that this is in fact a representation of the surgeries they have performed.
What's far worse than these false representations is that appoximately three years ago, one of the Plastic Surgery Journey members (Ktea) had lipo and butt implant surgery with this Dr. Figueora. Obviously he was a novice (at that time) in this procedure because (if memory serves me right) she spent over SIXREEN HOURS in surgery.
According to her account, she even woke up a few times during the procedure (some patients do) and could hear them talking.
She and another patient ended up in the same recovery retreat and though neither had life threatening complications (discounting being "under" for all those hours) their recoveries were difficult.
Still, they ended up with good results and neither ever went back to him for anything else.
One last thing, during Ktea's initial interview with Dr. Figueora, he kept prodding her about how many other PS she and interviewed with and how much money THEY were charging. Very unethical!
Admittedly, ethics is one thing, risking a patient's life ....
Perhaps by now he has probably had ample time to practice and is actually more skilled. As I said, Ktea seemed to be satisfied with his results.
Still, I would proceed with caution.
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