What ointment did you use for stitches

I was wondering what others have used on there stitches?My Dr. said vasaline was fine but I thought a antibiotic ointment with pain relief would help.What did you use?Also did anyone eat jelly beans the night before surgery to keep from getting sick?I read somewhere that it helps. queen

Queen I read that too! Just make sure you don't eat them after midnight..I wonder why that would work when everything is digested by that point..Is it the sugar??? I'm going to google it to see...I'm going to stuff myself with them if it will work! Jo

All doctors seem to give different instructions, but mine had me use Vaseline, but only until the stitches were out. What a mess those few days were (but over with so quickly!).
Oh, one other thing - I apparently was glopping it on too heavily, and the inner corner of one eye got all swollen and red. I called and he said not to use but a very light l/mmh/product/beauty/ayer/index.vm?procid=13&catid=642" target=_blank>ayer, as it was getting in my eye and irritating it. So, less is more in this case!
Good luck!

My doc had me use hydrogen peroxide on the stitches, followed by a liberal gooping of vaseline. Because I had chin lipo, I had to use gauze pads to keep my ace bandage from slipping off and shooting across the room
I was sooooo thankful to finally be able to wash it out of my hair! What a mess!

And mine told me not to put anything on them. So there we have it folks! Ask 10 people and get 10 different answers!!!! I would say trust your doctor and do what he/she says to do. That way if there are problems, you can say "I followed your exact instructions!" Life just keeps getting better and better!!!

I'm using Fucidin H ointment on my scars whilst the stiches are in anyway,get them out on tue.

i did,nt use a thing.

My ps prescribed bacitracin opthamalic Ointment to use 2-3X a day on sutures (I had u/l bleph).
After stiches were removed, his office provided me with samples of scar gels and /mmh/product/beauty/index.vm?procid=13" target=_blank>creams.
Jelly beans, huh? I'll try to remember that.
Wish you te best outcome!

I didn't use anything either, I was told not to use vasaline by an independent nurse as it would attract bacteria to stick to the wound, but I'm no expertChez x
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I wasnt told to use anything and i didnt but when they started getting scabby behind my ears i used emu oil and the scabs just slid off.
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I was told to use peroxide and bacitracinSharon
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My PS also told me to use Bacitracin liberally on the incision lines in front of the ears. He said to clean twice daily with Peroxide and warm water, then apply the Bacitracin.
However, the other PS at the LSL center told my girlfriend who is scheduled for the 19th to use only vaseline. He said you are already taking antibiotics so don't need the ointment.
I am taking antibiotics of course, but I still think using the Bacitracin seems like a reasonable thing to do. Amazing how different all the doctors are.

per doctor's instructions:
on incisions (ears, chin and brow):
I used hydrogen peroxide to clean, then bacitracin ointment.
After incisions were fully closed, I used Scar guard.
After a few weeks of that I used Mederma.
on upper eye area (I had upper /mmh/product/eyelidsurgery/index.vm?procid=6" target=_blank>bleph)
I used Rx eye antibiotic cream
on undereye area (I had laser there)
I used acquaphor ointment. (lots of it!) After a couple of weeks, when area was basically healed but still pink and tender, I used a copper healing cream the doc gave me.
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