drs' help!left breast hangs almost an inch lower than right!

i had a ba (460 ccs)in 04/2005 and i've noticed a few months ago that my left breast is really soft and hangs lower than my right breast which is more perky and firmer.if i put a ruler under my breast there is a gap and it's almost an inch difference in how low my breast hangs. and on the top of my implants there is also a big difference so it is noticable. i'm about to have a re-do to fix this by getting new implants (maybe 50cc bigger) and opening up the pockets a little more on the right breast. has anyone ever had this problem? if so, please let me know!
i'm not a http://www.makemeheal.com/pictures/viewAlbum.php?albumid=1669&password=breasts
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sorry i don't have any pics! but just imagine them a little crooked to the naked http://www.makemeheal.com/pictures/viewAlbum.php?albumid=877
PW: mine

Did your ps see them and agree that one was lower, is that why you are having the redo?
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