Habit Tic Nail Deformity?

I went to the dermatoligist over a month ago to have her look at my deformed nails that only grow on my thumbs. My thumbnails are indented with horizontal ridgesand discolored in the middle of the nail, and the doctor informed me she saw signs of habit tic deformity. She said the picking of my cuticles on my thumbs has caused this deformity, and if I stopped picking they would grow out normal.

Okay, I had been looking for a good reason to stop picking and biting my nails, and this seemed like the chance, so I stopped cold turkey. Fast foward to six weeks later, and I haven't picked or bit at all (although I'm dying to!), but my thumbnails are not getting any better. They are still growing with the ridges and discoloration.

Does anyone know how long this will take for me to some actual normal growth on my nail. There is limited info on the web regarding this condition, so any info would be greatly appreciated.


It totally depends on how much permanent damage you have caused to the nail bed. The nail plate will follow the curvature of the underlying nail bed, and if you have permanently trenched the nail bed, they may never grow "normal" again.
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