Help! Weird little chunks growing below my toenail

Hi guys,

Last year I went through rough time through breaking up with my partner and losing a parent, I had several conditions popping up out of nowhere due to my the down time I went through.

This is a bit graphic but anyway;

Same time last year I noticed a solid 'nail chunk' growing under my toenail... I ignored it, it reached a point where it started to hurt, sometimes my whole toe hurts, I still ignored it seeing there were no apparent signs of infections, the pain became a lot better however those 'solid chunks' continued to grow, it's like a destroyed(shattered) toenail growing under my toenail, I'm wondering, is this a serious condition? I mean it's basically a shattered nail grew in the wrong place, I've heard of ingrown nails, could this be a case of them?

I definately wouldn't do anything. You should see a podiatrist who will be able to assess the problem. I had ingrown toe nails and I know how painful they can be. I finally had to have the nail root destroyed with chemicals (by a podiatrist, of course).
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