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Hi everyone, okay, so can anyone help me? I was looking closely at my skin and noticed that I have quite a few large pores and pitted scars and also some red scars or more like dark scars(don't really know how to describe them). Can anyone help me with this, I'm going to walmart tomorrow so I'd like to get something then. I also have dry skin so I have to be carefull what I use. Do you guys think that camellia oil will help with my pores and scars? I want something that will keep my pores small and make the scars disappear and not stop working after a year or few months or anything like that. I really hope someone can help me, thanks inadvance if anyone replies

Well for starters you won't be able to find camellia oil at Wal Mart. I'm pretty sure that can only be purchased online. If you have red marks you may want to try an exfoliater, I use St Ives apricot scrub and love it. It may diminish the appearance of really shallow scars but pretty much anything you'd be able to find at a place like Wal Mart won't take care of any of the bad stuff.

I just recently purchased a microdermabrasion cloth off ****. I've only used it once but it made my skin soooo soft last night and I've read countless good things about it, so maybe you'd want to look into something like that? Hope this helps.

Camellia oil can reduce pores and pitted acne scars, if you give it time to work. My pores are not particularly large, but they are Non-existent after using Silkia camellia oil along with Epidermx microdermabrasion. I had 5 pretty deep pitted acne scars on my forehead, 3 of them are 100% filled in and the other 2 are 99% filled in. I have another 3 pits immediatebly above my upper lip and they are more than 50% improved.

I know camellia oil has helped me significantly, but not too sure if I would have gotten the same results if I had used it alone, without microdermabrasion. I think you will increase your odds if you also use some sort of home microdermabrasion treatments along with the oil. One good thing about microdermabrasion is that it makes your skin very clear and smooth. I haven't used any microdermabrasion cloth so can't compare it to a cream like Epidermx.

You definitely must exfoliate to get rid of the large pores. Dessert Essence facial scrub is one of my favorites which can be found at most health food stores. Or if you want to get one of those home microdermasion kits. You can one at Walmart. Nuetrogena has one and so does L'oreal. I havent' used either of those, but I'm sure that would help with the pores.

For scarring you are definitely going to need to use some kind of scar cream. A lot people use bleach cream. I am trying not to go that route as I feel that it is too harsh for the skin, plus I'm already using acne medicated cleansers. But if you want to try the bleach cream, you can get Dr. Palmers Skin Success, they have oil free formulas this can be found at any drugstore.

For me, I have been using Age Advantage Laboratories Acne and Scar Cream. They claim that you can see results in 30 days. you have to get it from an independant wholeseller. Some health food stores carry it, but I brought mine online. Prices vary as each seller sells it for a different price. I got the cheapest which was $23 dollars. The most I have seen it sold for was about $50 bucks. Anyway I am seeing really good results. I have only used it for about 3 weeks, but I am certain that by next month my marks will not hardly be visible. My goal is to be makeup free by summer time. Another option, use a glycolic cleanser or some type of glycolic serum or facial wipes. I have now incorporated a glycolic wash in my night time regimen. I use a SA cleanser in the morning and a glycolic cleanser at night. This has really REALLY helped my skin. I use the Serious Skin Care brand. I use their acne system and also their glycolic cleanser and they also have glyolic spa facial wipes, which I have now begun using. You use them once a week.

Before using anything a good thing to do is to check out reviews.

Thanks for replying you guys, what is the best brand of camellia oil to use? I've heard the Silikia or whatever its called is the best? Also since I have dry skin is it okay to use microdermabrasion? And I have a few patches of uneven skin tone like a little red and rough in some places will the oil or microdermabrasion help this too? I've also heard about all these homemade masks are they okay to use with my skin type like the asprin mask and other ones like that? Thanks again guys you've helped a lot

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